Sunday, January 12, 2014

Flea Market Pick Ups 5: Star Trek & Castlevania

Breakfast first.

     I really had no intentions to go out and find books today. The longest week/month in my life, working tons of hours and then deciding to go to Tampa for the weekend just killed all my energy for anything outside of work. I know it's been a while since I've updated, and I'm sorry for that, but I'll try to get back in the swing of things with this post. Back to the farm: My wife and I decided to go downtown for breakfast this morning at The Oasis in Fort Myers. Best food, servers and owners are seriously friendly. It was here that we decided to go and hit the Flea Market nice and early.

The book depository.

     We walked all around and looked at everything and got a few things for my wife (pictures later). I went to my typical haunt in the building outside the main complex and ran in to my buddy busy as hell selling books. Check out the crowd!

Digging for fantasy gold.

     He pulled me back behind the shelves where his car was parked, told me how he finally got to see the blog and loved it. I guess we are fans of each other now in a strange way. He dug through some boxes and found two he saved aside, and put them on the tailgate of his truck for me to take a look at.

Tailgate wonderland!

     Found about ten books I did not own, nice old crusty first editions in my ball park. My wife added some magazines to the bunch and a movie and he gave me everything for $16.00. "I know this is over your $10 budget, but I think it's a pretty good deal". Yeah, it was. Before I show you the goods, here is a few pictures of behind the stalls:

The Nazi storage warehouse at the end of Lost Ark

     There is no lack of inventory in this place. Movies, books, comics, magazines, vinyl, games.. just tons of stuff. I found a cool book back here unrelated to Science Fiction believe it or not.

Artax holding the books to the table.

As always, you can click to zoom.

 The wife haul. She spent more than me, and we both blew our budgets.

     Above is my wife's finds. All but the plates were pretty much given to me by our buddy at the book exchange. The Dragonslayer graphic novel is the first of two parts, which I have owned before but mailed them to a fan of a Dragonslayer page I made in the 90's as a gift. Good to have one of them back! The Starlog mags are from the early 80's, which was the golden era of Starlogs. I could do several articles just on them! Oh, I almost forgot! The Worlds of Power book.

     Every five or so pages had some kind of game hint written upside down. I'm not sure if this is something kids actually bought for the hints (as the book sucked) or they were just so in to the game, that they had to have some kind of closure to it. Either way, that's all I got, see you next time.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year's Resolution

I took this picture before I headed out to work one morning

     I'll start off by saying Happy New Year to everyone out there. I hope everyone had a safe and happy new year's eve, drank tons of booze, and maybe read a book. Personally, my wife and I had a pretty cool party going on, had some new friends over and watched the ball drop in relative peace.

     2013 was good for this blog. I did not put as much in to it as far as time from the year previous, but I sat down and made more plans if anything. If I nothing to post or was busy, I did not force it, and just posted nothing for that week. The last month has been much of that: I have transitioned in to my new job. The holidays are here, which is super stressful for the beer business. Lots of family flying in a out of Florida, coupled with the excuses from above make me so busy I can't find time to go looking for books. No books, means no post most of the time unfortunately. Not that this stopped anyone from viewing the blog however. Readership was up again, and the year finished strong with almost 10,000 unique views over the last few months... and growing.

     Thanks to everyone who has followed me, read my rants, and found books with me along the way. I'm going to try and make 2014 a better year for the blog, find better books, and travel further than last year.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Adventures at The Goodwill Book Store

     I've been to this particular Goodwill book store before, when I started noticing them popping up all over the place, and the books disappearing out of the normal Goodwill thrift stores. Prices, meh. Selection? Pretty damn good actually, and since the last time I visited, drastically improved.

      They added a cool little reading room where all the furniture, lamps, and so on, are for sale. DVD's and Blu-Rays were also added, and they offer a pretty good selection considering everything is donated.
      The most exciting part for me was the addition of a vintage book area in the back of the store with pretty reasonable prices. Lots of Eaton Press books, history books, you name it.

     Not bad at all. Anything with a white sticker was half off, so even better! I did see some stuff that I would love to own, but passed on most of it. I have a budget of $10.00 after all.

     Just one of the many cool books I passed on. "The Arabian Nights" from the early 20's. Strange super detailed pictures throughout.

    This is what I ended up getting after all the cool stuff I saw. Two Ray Bradbury books that were .99 cents each (half off on top of that), a 9th printing "Grapes of Wrath" from 1940's-ish era, "Moon of the Three Rings" by Norton, and a super old paperback called "Flatland" by Abbott. It's a science fiction book written in the late 1800's, and this is a reprint from the early 1920's. I could not find another one like it on Ebay, Google, or the like, so have no idea on it's value.
     Here are some better pictures of the books I picked up. "The Grapes of Wrath" goes for about $100 even with the dust jacket missing, and I paid $3.99. "Moon of Three Rings" in the worst condition possible, averages around $40.00, and I paid $1.99. Overall, not a bad day! Ill do some more research on "Flatland" and try and find a value and update this post later... anyone have any predictions?


Saturday, November 9, 2013

Another mystery box in the mail!

     My step father, Brian, sent me a wonderful mystery box full of books and other oddities. He did not tell me what books would be in the box, only that they came from his personal collection.

     Batman: The Animated Series toys for my son.. he is really in to Batman right now. Not shown: Lots more toys, a hat, and more toys.

     Eighteen books total, all great books, and most of them I don't currently own. The three hard covers: Imperial Earth, The White Plague and Dayworld are all first editions. The Moorecock paperbacks are all original Daw first editions, and near mint. The Conan reprints are all books I'm missing, and always on the lookout for. Thanks Brian for the great additions to my collection! They won't be going anywhere!
     It's no secret that Dayworld is one of my favorite books, and I have never owned it in hard cover. I was so excited to see this laying on top of the pile. If you ever need a suggestion for a great book to lose yourself in, look no further guys.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Church Book Sale Finds

     I've been seeing signs for the bi-annual church book sale for about a month now. Having found some good stuff here years ago, I made a plan to actually do some book hunting. Twice a year for five hours.. five short hours to get in and get out. I got there when the doors opened at eight AM, turned around, and took the picture above.

     After ten minutes inside the building, It was shoulder to shoulder with old people. I noticed some people brought their own canvas bags, garbage bags and empty boxes, and I brought nothing with me. I went out to the car quickly and found an old gift bag in the trunk I could fill up. Yeah, I looked like a moron, but I was also the youngest by 60 years which made me feel a little better.

     There was zero organization, I had to go through every box, cart and table and quickly browse titles as fast as I could recognize them. Getting shoved around and bumped in to, I felt cramped and a little anxious, So I skipped about a four or five tables at the end. Christian book sales don't yield too much in the way of Science Fiction and Fantasy, but with this amount of books, I was bound to find a few gems.

My gift bag with a few books in it. The price was right, at ten for a dollar, but I really did not see too much that I did not have or want. No good doubles, nothing. Tons of Bibles.

     I don't know if you can see these well or not, but you can click to zoom. The two book box set is a 1965 Alice in Wonderland, worth around $30-40. I've seen older, but a nice little find. The H.M.S. Bounty is a second printing and worth around $20. The 2001: A Space Odyssey and 2010: Odyssey Two are both first editions, and in great shape. 2001 goes for about $100 any day of the week and 2010 about $30. The other four books don't really have too much value, but I didn't have them, and thought it was worth picking up. The first edition Macdonald paperback is for a friend that collects them, and I see them pretty frequently. All in all, a pretty good day! I hit some garage sales later on with no luck. 

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Jared's Newest Mack Bolan Super Find

     My mom sent me the above pictures when she was out with my brother Jared. If you don't follow his latest obsession, scroll to the bottom of this post to catch up on his quest to collect all the Mack Bolan, Executioner, and Stony Man novels in existence.

     Back to the books.

     He found 72 books total, most of which he did not have, and he completed his Executioner series out with a bang. At Goodwill prices, .99 cents each, minus 10% his wife's card, I'd say its a pretty good deal. I have been in similar situations where I have found a ton of books to complete my series, and they really were not in my price range, and outside of my daily budget. I'm glad he could get them all and not comprise the find.. often times you go back after cherry picking some and realize someone else had bought them. This really held me back when I was trying to complete my Forgotten Realms Series.

    Mom helped him get all the stickers off, damn you Goodwill and your stickers. At least they are easy to remove and don't leave too much crap behind. Overall a really good find, and good opportunity to pick up some stuff to trade and sell later to get more books (doubles).

Jared Part 1 - Jared Part 2 - Jared Part 3 - Jared Part 4 - Jared Part 5

I almost forgot...

*Edit* His Phoenix Force collection is complete, not whatever else I said. Sorry.
*Edit 2* It's MACK Bolan. Bolan rhymes with colon.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Paperback Exchange Pickups

     I had a few minutes to myself, so I decided to go to one of my regular haunts, The Book Rack in greater Fort Myers. This place is just a diamond in the rough. If they don't have something you are looking for, than it does not exist. The owner is nice, has no idea what's on the shelf, and most every thing is .50 cents to 1.50, tops.

     This was just one small crowded section I took a picture of. I documented all the sci-fi/fantasy shelves and book cases in this post for those who are interested. Easily 10,000 books in the genre I shop in, with more piled up in boxes. You better not be in a rush to find anything when you come here! I spent a good hour reading, unpacking boxes, moving things around and found a few things I did not have that I thought were worth taking home with me. Behold, my precious...

 (as always, click to enlarge)

     Two Forgotten Realms books I already own, but I know someone who is looking for them, three R.R. Martin short story compilation books that are pretty hard to come by, and a smattering of vintage paperbacks to round out the bunch. Most notable is Death Cloud, by Mannion. I almost never see this book for sale, and had no idea what the cover even looked like. Ebay did not have a copy for sale, and Amazon did not have this first edition cover depicted. I'd say its a pretty good find! Honorable mention to Orbitsville, by Shaw. Interesting little advertisements inside:

     When I read, I only smoke Kent Golden Lights. Also, a little insert advertising a book club that sells those BCE's we loved so much in the 70's and 80's.

     A little better picture of the Wild Cards book by Martin. Since A Game of Thrones is so popular, these go for about $15 each on eBay right now. Not that I would sell them or anything. Overall, I spent about $10.00 on everything, and found some pretty cool paperbacks. As customary on a good book hunting adventure, I will now reward myself with a Newcastle Brown Ale for my efforts. Cheers.