Sunday, January 20, 2013

I'm alive, Here's an update.

     It's been a minute and I'm sorry. I've been thrift shopping like crazy, but I hit a huge dry spell, but i think i have the cure for it. The cure is staying busy.

     When you think about it, I'm in a pretty large area, i have a great knowledge of where all the thrift stores are, but i really only look for a few things when i go shopping:

1) Sci-Fi and Fantasy Books
2) Rare books
3) Video game stuff
4) rare electronics
5) Laserdisc, betamax players and movies

     In that order.. seriously that's pretty much everything i look for unless i happen to catch something out of the corner of my eyes. I check the suits and leather jackets sometimes.. you can luck out there and find something in your size. I go often, and know the people who stock the shelves in most cases. So i picked the market clean. Around April the snow birds go home and the local Goodwill's will be so full of stuff.. i really can't wait. Until then, I'm going to have to think of some original content.

     A friend wrote an essay in 10th grade about me, and i just found it for the first time in a long time. This one part interested me the most: "He looks up from his desk and sees the mountain of unsorted books. Wall to wall books, mostly Piers Anthony. Piles of VHS tapes are scattered around the room in piles. He smiles to himself." My buddy Gary wrote that.. and realistically i have not changed at all. My VHS obsession is all but out of the house when i hit several thousand movies.. I moved it into a friends storage shed where i have been selling them in his every-other-month garage sale.

     In other news my old blog that i no longer maintain, Unknown Hole in the Sky, hit a million views. One million unique visitors. I have had a website hit such a milestone, but not a blog that i no longer even look at. The images i used are being outsourced on google images, which keeps a continual stream of hits coming in. Google no longer allows me to monetize the site because i linked to sites that had movie torrents on them. Seriously. Out of a million hits I made $46.35 in ad revenue before they turned me off. That really sucks in the long way of things. So tell all your friends who want to make money on a blog, a million hits = about forty bucks. I can't even get the money out and if i did i would give it to a friend of mine of helped me write for it when i first started, Dustin Onash. He wrote a series of articles that i promoted the shit out of on Digg, when Digg was a site that was good for that. They became very successful articles on the interwebs (he wrote three) and helped the blog become popular. I promised him if i ever made any money on the blog i would split it with him, and of course i made nothing, so nothing to split. He got angered with me about a year later when the blog was successful and he was not getting paid.. so much so he asked me to remove his name and articles from the blog. He teaches, and that may have something to do with that. I will take some blame for him pulling out, i never tried to keep him or pay him something to have him stay.

     My mother sent me some very rare hard to find magazines from Marvel and DC from the early 80's. Some comics, deemed too mature for a young audience, get rejected from the regular comic print and pushed into the trade magazines the respected publishers put out. One is called Epic, and the other 1984-1994. To the right is a picture of the magazines on my floor this morning ---->

Not so bad looking for 30 years old. Maybe I'll read them, today being a lazy Sunday.

I'm going to use the next week of travel to do a little searching around town. My budget is limited, but i think i can find something to post about. In the absence of me not finding anything, i have some ideas for articles on certain things.