Sunday, September 8, 2013

Flea Market Pick Ups, Part 4

     Here we are, back at Flea Masters in Fort Myers. Saturdays I typically yard/garage sale, and Sundays suck for that, so I hit the Flea Markets and thrift stores on Sundays. Was up pretty early, so I was there when the parking lot was empty and there were chains on the doors.

     I typically walk the whole market which takes about an hour. I find new things all the time, and I hate to miss anything. Like this gator humanoid thing in front of a place that sells fried gator to curious tourists. For the record, gator is good... tastes like fish and chicken mixed. Also found bunch of books not organized in a side stall. Nothing of interest there. Tons of romance and roughly-in-the-barn novels.
     Every item in the world that you could think of selling has its own "reseller". Comic book vendors are everywhere. I always look, but seldom buy anything. $1.00 a comic seems like a good deal, but they buy boxes of these things for pennies on the dollar. I even saw a VHS porn reseller a few times in the more seasonal months.

      Need some books on Hitler, or some throwing stars? Yeah.. me neither. The sword/knife vendors are always popular at the Flea Market with the red necks.

  I hit up my normal spots, talked to the guy who sells me most of my books on Sunday. He told me that its hard to find any real good stuff locally anymore, that he has to go to Tampa to find the good stuff. I agree with him, but I have still been finding some cool stuff once in a while around town so can't complain. The haul:

     It's hard to take good pictures with a curious cat around. He had to walk all over them and smell them individually. Artax is of the 'Book-Cat Variety', not yet recognized by any breeders association.

     So I picked up a lot of Zelazny paper backs that I don't own. I see a few in the market and in the paper back exchanges and for some reason I don't pick them up. I love the covers, and seeing five in a series in the same place in great condition changed my mind. First edition Piers Anthony Rings of Ice and Orn, both great books and super old. Dayworld by Farmer, Mars book and a DAW paperback to round out my picks. In Hard cover I picked up a Silmarillion first edition (my third one) and a cool looking short story compendium that I had not seen before with some great authors in it. Overall, I spent $10.00, and got a real good value for my money. The Silmarillion alone goes for around $35-60 on a bad day, so I guess the day is mine. 



  1. Looks like a good day at the Flea Market. :> Love the Silmarillion find! And the gator guy...too cool.

  2. The gator guy is creepy. Its like, "Hey, you can come over and eat.. me."

  3. Damn I've been hunting for a first edition Silmarillion for awhile. Good find!