Thursday, October 24, 2013

Jared's Newest Mack Bolan Super Find

     My mom sent me the above pictures when she was out with my brother Jared. If you don't follow his latest obsession, scroll to the bottom of this post to catch up on his quest to collect all the Mack Bolan, Executioner, and Stony Man novels in existence.

     Back to the books.

     He found 72 books total, most of which he did not have, and he completed his Executioner series out with a bang. At Goodwill prices, .99 cents each, minus 10% his wife's card, I'd say its a pretty good deal. I have been in similar situations where I have found a ton of books to complete my series, and they really were not in my price range, and outside of my daily budget. I'm glad he could get them all and not comprise the find.. often times you go back after cherry picking some and realize someone else had bought them. This really held me back when I was trying to complete my Forgotten Realms Series.

    Mom helped him get all the stickers off, damn you Goodwill and your stickers. At least they are easy to remove and don't leave too much crap behind. Overall a really good find, and good opportunity to pick up some stuff to trade and sell later to get more books (doubles).

Jared Part 1 - Jared Part 2 - Jared Part 3 - Jared Part 4 - Jared Part 5

I almost forgot...

*Edit* His Phoenix Force collection is complete, not whatever else I said. Sorry.
*Edit 2* It's MACK Bolan. Bolan rhymes with colon.


  1. The Goodwill find (72 books) were all 'Executioner', 'Mack Bolan' and 'Stony Man' books.
    I was able to fill some gaps in my collection however I think I would still need hundreds of the goddamn things to actually complete the series.

    My 'Phoenix Force' collection however is now complete (thanks to 7 recent acquisitions from Amazon) as can be seen in the above book shelf photo. The 'Phoenix Force' series is an off-shoot of 'The Executioner' series and had 51 books and 4 'super size' un-numbered books, so 55 altogether.

    1. Your replies are always pretty informative and lacking in Zardoz. I suggest that you do a big article on collecting Mac Bolan, Ill publish it here on it's own page and promote it. What do you think?

    2. In all honesty I don't know crapola about the Bolanverse compared to some guys who have been collecting for decades.

      And it's 'Mack' you idiot! Da hell wid you!

  2. I would link some Zardoz gif here but fucking Photobucket won't let me copy links all of a sudden.

  3. Wow, that's an insane find. Kind of how I felt when my local Goodwill had roughly 30 odd different Star Trek TNGs that I didn't have. That was a fun day!

    1. TNG is amazing. I did find the VHS board game there once, sold it on ebay!