Sunday, November 3, 2013

Church Book Sale Finds

     I've been seeing signs for the bi-annual church book sale for about a month now. Having found some good stuff here years ago, I made a plan to actually do some book hunting. Twice a year for five hours.. five short hours to get in and get out. I got there when the doors opened at eight AM, turned around, and took the picture above.

     After ten minutes inside the building, It was shoulder to shoulder with old people. I noticed some people brought their own canvas bags, garbage bags and empty boxes, and I brought nothing with me. I went out to the car quickly and found an old gift bag in the trunk I could fill up. Yeah, I looked like a moron, but I was also the youngest by 60 years which made me feel a little better.

     There was zero organization, I had to go through every box, cart and table and quickly browse titles as fast as I could recognize them. Getting shoved around and bumped in to, I felt cramped and a little anxious, So I skipped about a four or five tables at the end. Christian book sales don't yield too much in the way of Science Fiction and Fantasy, but with this amount of books, I was bound to find a few gems.

My gift bag with a few books in it. The price was right, at ten for a dollar, but I really did not see too much that I did not have or want. No good doubles, nothing. Tons of Bibles.

     I don't know if you can see these well or not, but you can click to zoom. The two book box set is a 1965 Alice in Wonderland, worth around $30-40. I've seen older, but a nice little find. The H.M.S. Bounty is a second printing and worth around $20. The 2001: A Space Odyssey and 2010: Odyssey Two are both first editions, and in great shape. 2001 goes for about $100 any day of the week and 2010 about $30. The other four books don't really have too much value, but I didn't have them, and thought it was worth picking up. The first edition Macdonald paperback is for a friend that collects them, and I see them pretty frequently. All in all, a pretty good day! I hit some garage sales later on with no luck. 

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  1. As usual, your post is very entertaining! :> I can just see you being jostled around by all the q-tips! :> I can say that since I'm quickly becoming one myself. LOL Good finds, though.