Saturday, November 9, 2013

Another mystery box in the mail!

     My step father, Brian, sent me a wonderful mystery box full of books and other oddities. He did not tell me what books would be in the box, only that they came from his personal collection.

     Batman: The Animated Series toys for my son.. he is really in to Batman right now. Not shown: Lots more toys, a hat, and more toys.

     Eighteen books total, all great books, and most of them I don't currently own. The three hard covers: Imperial Earth, The White Plague and Dayworld are all first editions. The Moorecock paperbacks are all original Daw first editions, and near mint. The Conan reprints are all books I'm missing, and always on the lookout for. Thanks Brian for the great additions to my collection! They won't be going anywhere!
     It's no secret that Dayworld is one of my favorite books, and I have never owned it in hard cover. I was so excited to see this laying on top of the pile. If you ever need a suggestion for a great book to lose yourself in, look no further guys.

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  1. Glad you liked the books and Lil Major, his Batman toys! :> When I repacked Brian's box I noticed there was space left, so I tossed in the hardcovers. And believe me, there are more books where they all came from. But that's another box and another entry for your blog! :>