Saturday, June 20, 2015

Boxed Sets... are they worth anything?

     The pictures in this post are some of the boxes I have in the book case in my office, I looked over, and felt as if something needed to be said on this subject.

     I see them pretty often out in the wild, those boxed sets of typically three books together, looking pretty damn cool. Normally, you can get them for cheap. More and more rare at the paperback exchanges that I go to, one time I was event told they are removed from the box and the box trashed.

     The short answer is no, they are typically not worth more money with the box included. I'll explain: By the time the third book is in print in the box set you are going to buy, the first and second books are reprints. If your getting a first edition paperback, the only hope you have is that the third book is a first edition, and what third book in a series, let alone a paperback is worth anything?

     The long answer is.. maybe. Perhaps people are looking for that really old Lord of the Rings trilogy with the faux gold leaf that they made millions of in the 70's and 80's. People go nuts for LotR stuff, which may drive up the price a couple of bucks, but nothing significant.

     My personal opinion? Pick 'em up. Who knows? Does it look cool to you? Is it a different cover variant that you don't have? Is it a bargain? I'm all in when I see the box sets, they look awesome on the shelves, and they are almost always a popular book series, which justified the box. Sometimes there is old coupons or advertisements in the box sets that are pretty cool. Someone asked me once, "What's the most common box set you come across?" I've seen more "Time of the Twins" Dragonlance Trilogy books in different box sets than I care to admit. I cruise by the Fantasy/Sci-Fi section at Barnes and Noble and there is always one there. In two or three years it will be the ever popular Game of Thrones sets at garage sales and swap meets.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Arizona Paperback Exchange Haul


     My stepfather was visiting from Arizona when my mom started posting pictures on Facebook of the local paperback exchange in her area closing it's doors after many, many years. When we talked on the phone, she made a remark that everything that you could fit in a bag was a dollar. She said when Brian went back to Arizona they would go and buy out most everything they knew I would like and send it on over.

    I saw some telling pictures on Facebook:

 Click to Enlarge

    I was getting pretty excited at this point. What could they possibly find way out in the desert? Well I got the mail this morning, and I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. I did not take pictures of all the books, or individual books, or we would be here all day. Feast your eyes:

 An ace double! I collect these. Super rare now.

 Star Trek books.. so what, I have a sickness.

 I opened the THX 1138 paperback to the advertisement...

 And found the book it was selling in the box.

Amazing cover art.

 Most of the paperbacks

Hardbacks. Those DAW compilation books have the sheets promoting them sent to suppliers inside.

    Just relaxing with a cold Sam Adams Lager, enjoying the scenery.

 Mom, you did good. As a reward, here is the box you sent the books in, trapping my cats. They also enjoyed the plastic bags some of the books were wrapped in.