Sunday, September 13, 2015

Flea Market Pick Ups 6: Father Son Day

     It's been a long time since I've documented a Flea Market trip, although I have been going every weekend for the last month or so. I should explain our flea market here in Fort Myers Florida, it's really, really big. We have a huge seasonal tourism business here. Our local population almost doubles in the winter time, so the flea market is pretty popular.

     This picture is from their website. You can see roughly the area that the market sits in. It's a huge covered shanty town that has 1000 stalls in it, and also some businesses that have their own air conditioned store fronts. Typically all the stuff in the middle isles (see info-graphic) is all garage sale-type stalls that change out every week. If your from the west coast, that area would called the Swap Meet by most.

     Each isle has it's own theme. At the intersections are food stalls that serve different things. You can get beer (We have our company's beer there!) pretty much anywhere. There are four or five places that I frequent that sell books, comic books, and retro games. Typically I park far away from my destination, it forces me to walk by everything new.

Sonic the Hedgehog

     First few stops were the local retro video game stalls, which are kind-of on the way to the book stores I frequent. I check the unmarked games, and bins that they have not priced yet. Most things in the cases never change.. they are over priced, with eBay sold sheets attached to them. No thanks! 

     Since I had my son with me, he decided we were going to stop and I eat while I checked  out some comic book vendors. Pizza was on the menu! Big Wilbur's pizza, yes that's the real name.

 Chris the Book Guy! 

 Sci-Fi and Fantasy

 More goodies

I think Chris has something like 15 stalls.

      I walked away with some books, comic books and one toy for the boy. Chris always give me a good deal, and tries to find some cool stuff for me as he knows what I'm looking for. I looked all over google and facebook to try to find a page of his, anything really, and could find nothing. More to come on that. Major (My son)  wanted to take a goofy picture with the bags while we waited for the rain to stop. Today's take:

   Thanks for reading, until next time.

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