Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Rainy Day Book Haul - Daw Dray Prescot Score

    Had beer to drop off at several locations, and bring home dinner for the wife, and wouldn't you know, I drove right by The Book Rack, a store I have posted about several times before. I've been working on the woman who works there for a while on some books in a box (also posted that before!) and I think I'm going to give it another shot and see if she will come off the price.

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     I looked for the box of Daw originals at the front desk and did not see them this time, and my heart sank. Did someone buy them? I breathed a sigh of relief when I turned the corner and they they all were on the shelf for .75 cents a piece. For those who are paying attention, I'm trying to collect all the yellow spine Daw originals between the late seventies and early 80's. This book store I picked through long ago, but they had the first 38 Dray Prescot novels in a box with a hefty price tag. I lucked out today! Typically they go for $7-$8 each on feebay, more as a collection. All that aside, it's long series, 52 total as of 2014, and a good read. I've read the first eight.

     Look at the covers, condition is really good. Spines are perfect. Some are missing, but I have the ones missing in the book case in the living room somewhere. The last bottom right hand picture is the other books I picked up for about .50 cents each, some pretty good old ones in there. The Forgotten Realms book, Viper Hand, has eluded me for a long while, and even considered getting it off Amazon to finish off the Maztica trilogy. The lady working the counter told me they no longer take credit cards, so had to haul my ass back out in the rain with a car full of kegs to get to an ATM. Totally worth it. Spent around $25 total, and I'm very pleased with the outcome!

    Thanks for reading, until next time.

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