Monday, September 21, 2015

Random Ramblings - Updates

    Just thought I would give everyone a newsletter style update. Reading back over old blog posts, I would give a life update once in a while, and people seemed interested in that. Never thought anyone would care what I'm doing, or where I'm going! Pictured above is the pinball machines from Nice Guys Pizza in Cape Coral FL, where I currently live. They have awesome crazy pizza and killer craft beer lineup. Nice little paperback book and board game section if you get bored with all the 80's nostalgia and awesomeness.. This place is a thing of my dreams. He has a working, new-in-the-box Betamax recorder on top of his beer cooler.

     So about a year or two ago I tried to buy The Book Rack, a local independently owned book store in Fort Myers. Part of a chain of book stores that use to be pretty popular, The Book Rack at one time had over 80 locations. This particular owner had two, one near my house, and one across town. She wanted almost nothing for the store, just take over the lease give her a few thousand dollars and she will walk away. I figured it would be a great way for my wife to have an income while she watches our infant son.. Well, it did not work out. Her family decided to step in and take ownership, make a facebook for it and son on. I still go there, but can't help feeling that my meager dreams of having a hole in the wall book place will never be realized.

     My wife went out and bought a dog for our son. His name is Ollie, which is short for Oliver Queen, my wife's man crush, and current TV obsession. My son absolutely loves him, and you can tell they will have amazing adventures growing up together. I know what you are thinking; No, I will always be a cat person, and cat people like books blah blah and books like me so there. I'll admit, the dog is not that bad. No weird dog smell, no barking or eating things. Not only is this is a good dog experience for my son, it's good for me, and so it goes.

     Baseball season is over, and for me, that means much more free time until February. I'll break it down as such- The basic meat and potatoes of of my job are: Marketing, Billing, and Point of Sale. Aside from the obvious things that fall under marketing, I sell three accounts for lower Florida, and all three are spring training stadiums. For one month out of the year I don't do anything but walk around stadiums and get sun burned, making sure anything beer related goes as planned. The picture above is the end of the season party with Jake Leinenkugel, a friend of mine and owner of the Leinenkugel Brewery at the Twins spring training stadium at Hammond. Sooo being that the stadiums are closed, I have more time to write things and find books, as it were. 

     Seeing that this post is boring me writing it, I'll end it here. More to come, Maybe try to write a quick update once a month or so. Stay tuned.

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