Saturday, September 26, 2015

Facebook, Website, Changes.. Oh my.

     Three changes in all, not huge things, but big things for the blog in the way of progression. The short version is: We are getting some updates around here that I have been meaning to do for a long time. I'll explain. I went to a social marketing convention last week, SocialFresh. It's three days of how to just be better bloggers, how to get your website and blog noticed, etc. My employer sent me to learn all about everything marketing on the Internet. I'm no slouch, but I did pick up a lot, and applied some of that to this blog. I also made a few goals to shoot for, in 2016.

     What are the changes?

Change #1) It's no longer a ".blogspot" website, but has a domain of it's own. I docked the page name some time ago, finally just moved it over. Old links and everything still work at the blogspot address. Welcome to whether you like it or not.

Change #2) Social Media integration. I made it's own facebook page, designed the logo for it (above, the title to this post!), and made some adjustments to my hash tag list and so on. I'll also be expanding the number of labels, and mentioning them in the bottom of the posts.

Change #3) Changed the design slightly to give it a more personal feel. I'll also be opening up more about myself, pictures of me interacting with the books, and so on. I know what you may be thinking, and no I'm not horribly disfigured.

     What's the end goal for the blog? 

Goal #1) The blog no longer needs fine tuning in either design or direction.

Goal #2) The blog stay essentially free of advertisements. At some point I will do Amazon targeting ads between posts, based on what books I'm writing about. Example: I found a cool book! (Buy it here, wink, wink) It will not be in the middle of the post, or at the top, just between so you can scroll through them. This will be later on this year, or early next.

Goal #3) The blog become self sustaining. I pay X for hosting, and my time is worth Y. Z is the amount of money the small ads will generate for me. X + Y = Z. If I make more, and Z is larger than the sum of both X and Y, I consider it a win, and more beer/book money for me. At any point if I make more than $100 per month, I'll consider that a huge win just at life in general, being that is one month of mortgage for me.

     More to come. Please comment or email me below if you have anything you want to share in the way of changes, or my goals for 2016.


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    1. After reading your blog to close to 30 minutes, yes, you defeinetly have a very large budget. I do buy books that break my $10 rule, but Its rare. I like the way you explain the quality and condition of your books, the pictures as well, I think it's very well done. If you would like to guest write on me blog let m know.

    2. I'm on my cell phone traveling, sorry about th spelling errors and grammar..