Sunday, May 5, 2013

Garage Sales, Yard Sales & Flea Markets.. Oh My.

     As a family we hit quite a few yard sales and garage sales on Saturday morning. We had a lot planned for the afternoon, so we tried to be quick at the sales we stopped at. As a whole everything was looking good. Jen had found some books she wanted, software for my son, and some key finder thing from Sharper Image. My boy found some toys that he could not live without, so we got those too. Nothing for me until the last yard sale.. pictured above.

 Analogs! Fantasy & Science Fiction! (Something else under it, that I will save for a rainy update.)
 On the left, an early Future Makers and a Daw sci-fi original. Honorable mention, a text book from 1873.

Later that night, we went bowling and had sushi with some friends and had a blast. I woke up this morning with a total headache, but I knew I better get out there or someone else will. (I keep telling myself that, even though I seem to be the only one out here buying this stuff)

     The flea market was a ghost town. We stopped and got something to eat before meeting up with my buddy the book seller who said they had something nice for me. We split a Cuban and some of the deep fried ghetto chips. The boy had pizza that looked good enough for any cafeteria on the east coast. Belly's full, time to see what's doing.
 Yes, they sell used cars inside, as well as a shelf of Dreamcast and PS1 games.

 Shitty 90's comics!

 Star Log mags (that I have already) and New Kids stuff in the same stall.

 Star Trek books anyone? Star Blazers.. what anime is this? Serious I don't know.

   Again I came back around to the book seller's row, where it's almost all books, VHS, DVD, and really just media in all shapes and types.

     Chris saw me right away and told me not to go anywhere, he had a box of books that he forgot he had pulled out for me a long time ago.. like more than a year ago. I checked things out in the meantime and found a couple things that I wanted.

     By the time he got back and dumped a whole box of vintage books on me, I had picked out another dozen or so hard cover books that escaped me before, being the wrong spot under a table. We negotiated, I paid. What treasures did I pick up? Behold!

 The huge box on the table, mysteries unknown.  Good mix of Sci-Fi, and fantasy.

 It just keeps on giving! Daw classics, and early first editions.

 A few Forgotten Realms books I did not have, some I did, Spelljammer (meh.) and a rouge Piers Anthony. The hard backs just kicked me in the nuts when I saw them, and I know what that feels like. All first edition hard covers from the 60's and 70's in great shape. All valued in the $20 range, and some at more than that.

     Found a few other hard backs around the corner from my buddy's stall for pennies, along with a few Executioner books for my brother who collects them. More on that later!
     All in all, a pretty good day. I spend $23.00 in total the whole weekend on books. My ten dollar budget was whacked by three bucks, but I blame my brother for that. Damn Executioner books... Cool covers though. I found some other things over the weekend, and took some pictures of some interesting shit I'll share with you guys in the middle of the week as time permits.


  1. What did the 'Executioner's set you back? I'll send you a DVD of Zardoz as payment. You're welcome.

  2. Poor Major! What did he do to deserve a copy of "Zardoz?" LOL

    Wow, that text book from 1873 looks awesome! You sure hit the jackpot this weekend. Lucky guy. Maybe it's the birthday fairy being especially good to you! :>

  3. I think I paid a whol .50 cents for the Executioner books! haha. Please don't send me Zardoz!