Thursday, May 2, 2013

Wayland Drew & Dragonslayer, now with more Vasectomy

     I'm forced to do another small update from my Microsoft Surface tablet downstairs, as my wife is playing Guildwars 2 upstairs on my computer. It has the better video card.. and well everything better so I don't really blame her. I have been banished to the coffee table in the living room until further notice. If you had not seen the title of the post already, you could assume by the picture that I really enjoy the movie Dragonslayer.

     I kind of picked what I wanted to take pictures of at random last night sitting at the dinner table with Kyle (of $200 beer coaster fame). The movie was on TV, AMC I believe, and got the gears turning. Once upon a time I made a website and custom D&D rules based on this book and movie, and really had a small online following going on. As with most of what I do, I never looked at the website after I made it in the 90's, so it got stuck in some kind of fan-page limbo.

  The first picture at the top of the page is the first edition paperbacks, first and second printings. The picture directly above is the hard cover first edition which is not all that bigger than the paperbacks. The value on any of the books hovers right around $10.00. Not really easy to find, but not really sought after in any way. these books are stuck in rarity hell. Written by Wayland Drew, who has since deceased, who also wrote Corvette Summer, Willow, and some other movie adaptations that did pretty well for him. Of course in the paperback there are some color pictures...

     The book added a lot to the movie, based on the script and not actually the movie itself. Comic books of the time added to the mythos, which I have ordered on eBay right now for the super high value cost of $1.49. Side Note: Get use to seeing my thumb, I'm not going to start using the scanner again anytime soon. People don't take enough of their own pictures anymore, and by leaving imperfections in the ones I take, the less likely people will rip them from Google images. Willow anyone?

     Big fan of the movie as a youngster, and yes, this is my book from around middle school. It's missing pages and I wrote in it on occasion. I had a thing for Sorcia (spelling?) before she was married to Val Kilmer, the best swordsman who ever lived. This book was reprinted a ton of times, and eventually, sequels were made. Written by George Lucas and some no name writer that escapes me, and yes I own them, but I'm too lazy and sore to get off the couch and look. I thought they were okay, and they followed Allora Dannon around, her mis-adventures and so on. Not to change the subject so dramatically, but I have to share something with you guys because it's nagging at me in a bad way, much like a bad dinner from P.F. Changs.

     I had a vasectomy on Monday night, because, well, I don't want to have any more kids and I'm at that age where recovery will still be quick. A vasectomy is where you get your balls split open and they burn the tubes in there that make the sperm. Then you sit around the house with black and blue nuts for a week wishing you never did it to begin with. As I write this, I have a bag of frozen corn between my legs. I would not recommend it for anyone unless you just can't afford condoms and your insurance will pick up the cost. What does this little rant have to do with Wayland Drew? Nothing, but it's my blog, and my testicles are sore, so there.

R.I.P. Wayland Drew (and my manhood)


  1. 'Willow' has a great score by James Horner and of course the bad chicks name is Sorsha which is really close to how you pronounce my favorite actresses name, Saoirse (Sir-sha) which is really cool. The whole movie is filled with Irish names and stuff. Max and I like to watch it back to back with 'The Dark Crystal'. Good times.

  2. I remember you kids did love "Dragonslayer" and "Willow!" Don't know why, but "Dragonslayer" doesn't get many stars on those movie channels, but then I put little store in critics or those people who get paid to write blurbs for movies they've never seen. Anyhow, ah, Val Kilmer in "Willow." Big sigh. In the days before he was semi-black-listed for being a difficult guy to work with...whatever! And who the heck can resist a dragon?????

    Sorry about your pain. As your mother I feel for you and would gladly take your pain, but since I'm also a woman, you are out of luck. :< Feel better soon and keep the blog notes coming! :> Gives me an idea of what to look for in the Benson bookstore!