Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Forgotten Realms.. Realms? Also, it's my friggin birthday.

     You heard me right. At the end of most series, within the Forgotten Realms series itself (sigh), they cap off the trilogy or quintet with a "Realms" novel. A collection of short stories by different authors based in the universe of that series, within the series, of Forgotten Realms. Get all that?

     I'm missing Realms of Magic, Arcana, Mystery, The Dead, and one other that is slipping my mind right now. I will say something great about these books: They are a great epilogue if you don't want the series to end. Often times the author will kind of prequel/sequel a small short story in another realms book to keep you interested. Yeah you, R.A. Salvator, I'm talking to you.

     Oh, and happy birthday to me. Yeah, I'm 32 today. I don't feel my age, which is good I guess. This blog in particular is getting more attention that I thought it would get by this time, so I will consider that a birthday present of sorts. Thanks loyal readers, you guys are great.

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