Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Mac Bolan Book Adventure Quest

     Kind of a slow day, work-wise.. especially for a Thursday. I went out and built some displays, and started to feel a bit adventurous.. Time make Jared happy and go on a Mac Bolan Book Adventure Quest.. of epic questing. Now where is that picture he sent me on Facebook?
     Yes, he used a picture from my blog to help me find books for him. I brought the picture up on my phone, showed it to my buddy at the Flea Market.. and..
     ..Bam! .50 cents of happiness. Angry black man on the cover and all. The best covers are on old Mac Bolan novels. At this point I head over to a place I knew had quite a good selection of Executioner, and called him.

     About 10 pictures and 5 phone calls later, we narrowed down the list to a select few morsels.

     For some reason this is only picture I could find with the books I bought, but I think I bought five. They are in a box downstairs ready to be shipped when the box gets full. Ill have to check that out. As you can see, I also nabbed a couple of books for myself. I told myself I would go to one more store and check out whats new.

     I walked in, and the owner had put this aside for me. A whole box of vintage Daw classics from the 70's and 80's. All in unread condition. My budget spent, I asked her if she could cut me some kind of deal, which she refused almost right away. I insisted, she called someone and shot me down again. The final price was $3.50 a book, and I'd have to buy them all. Average selling price on eBay is not really much more than that, so I can guess where she got her price. I few in the box go for around $10.00.. I decided to pass. I know what your thinking. How could I pass on such a great offer? Well, I have about a third of them in my collection already, and Daw books are only worth something if the cover art is awesome, or they are super early editions. These were kind good condition, mostly later editions, and not the greatest cover art. She did agree to put them back under the table and wait for me to call her before she heads to eBay with them. A huge let down, but I did get some other good ones..

     My cat, Artax, smelled something funny on the books. Some great cool first editions, one in particular I really liked by Isaac Asimov.

     First edition Face and Fancy. Kind of like a precursor to the Book of Facts he released years later. Cover art is strange and wonderful, and cat-attracting. I spent my $10.00 allowance today, but since I had such good fortune finding a few gems, I decided to take one more side trip.

     All the book hunting makes you hungry, so after careful consideration, my son and I decided it would be best to have pizza and discuss the finer points in life, the world, and everything.

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  1. LOL I have a box to go out to Jared. Alas, it isn't quite full, but with Reeve coming to stay in the spare bedroom, it's gotta go! Too bad we don't live closer. You could fill up my box with the new goodies!!!!
    As always, love the blog. Save some pizza for grandma, Lil Maj! Hugs!