Sunday, August 4, 2013

Super Thrift Shopping.. at Super Thrift.

     So decided to give this super huge Thrift Store by the train tracks another chance. It's pretty ghetto. Nothing electronic I bought from there ever works. It's 99% clothes, and it smells like Kenny Rogers in there. Not the chicken place, I mean, Kenny-fucking-Rogers.

     Some first edition, late printing Harry Potter books.. always good for a quick eBay turn-around..l but alas.. $3.99 each! I don't think so Super Thrift. Shame on you.
     Look what we have here. C.O.P.S. VHS tape. Fantastic short-lived cartoon from my youth. Great animation for it's day. Also, I saw some PC games, both without the codes. A used copy of Ever Quest II, a failed MMORPG, for $10. (sarcasm) Sign me up!

      Fail again guys. The shirts were super organized by color and type. The pants too. No books, no cool things to show you. I'm out of here.

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