Saturday, August 3, 2013

Another box in the mail! What could it be?

What could it be? Wait, its books! It says so right on it.
      SO my mom must have been busy lately, because she surprised with me with a big box of books this morning! The box weighed in at around thirty pounds. I see she did not cross out the remote on the box, so I'm assuming it includes one for the purposes of this blog post.
     This morning was also daddy-boy day, so I had help setting everything up, and unwrapping.

Contents when first opened, my offspring tore it from my greedy hands.
A kids book for Major II! He read all of it right away.
Whats this I see? Some IF mags from the sixties! Awesome.
A closer look, relics of the past.
I love Spam. Its healthy, salty, jellied covered quasi-meat, makes me purr. The texture? Sublime.
A TV Guide for my Trekkie wife. Janeway is a bitch, for the record. At this pointed, Major spotted something for him I missed.
Toy Story cards from the very first Toy Story! Of course, they had to be played with right away.
All the books out of the box. Wow! It's like finding One Eyed Willy's Rich Stuff.
 A little up close HD images so you can zoom in and see the titles. All are early or first editions.
Really cool "Ace Double". Two books in one.
     Tons of books I did not have just fell in to my lap this morning, what a rare treat. Thanks Mom for hunting down some good classics for me. I saw your note that mentioned you supplemented the contents of the box with your own private stash. Well, you know your books will be in a good place. Of note: H.G. Wells early edition paper backs,  Animal Farm second printing, two Ace Doubles which in my experience are pretty rare, especially in this condition. As customary, gifted books do not get researched on eBay, but you can pretty much guess what some of this is worth.
     Spirits high, and morale boosted, father and son had one more adventure....

..We were hungry. Thanks grandma for the cool stuff.

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  1. Love it! And thrilled you like the selection! Pix of Major II...priceless! Hooray for the Blog. Love you!