Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Christian Thrift Store Pick Ups - Tolkien Companion

     Was down in South Naples today, just about as far as you can go without hitting good Florida swampland, and I passed a Christian thrift store I had missed before. I marked it in my mind, and hit it on the way back into town. Typically, depending on the town, Christian tax free thrift stores are over priced, and very few have the books of the devil known as Science Fiction. Could the Bible be considered Fantasy? High fantasy.

 Books were in good supply, mostly Bibles, Christian well-being, and Christian Romance.
 I got a shitty look when I took a picture of the mobility wheel chairs. Price? Only $400 each.
I did find a few of the only sci-fi/fantasy books in the store, and just bought them to buy them. Only .50 cents each, so why not. The lady behind the counter insisted I keep my receipt so when I was done reading them, I could bring them back and donate them. The haul:

     So there were two first edition hard covers collecting dust where the old lady clothes were in some decorative bookend things. One was a Harry Potter and Chamber of Secrets 1st/1st. This being the third one I've found, it will be eBay fodder. As I have explained before, early editions of the first and second HP books kind of fund my little outings. The one I really wanted for myself was the Tolkien Companion. I have a reprint, and have read it cover to cover.. back in middle school. Really cool artwork, dust jacket and fonts. The others were just junk paperbacks I have already, but could not stand to leave them to rot with the holy rollers. A few pictures from the Companion:

 Click to Enlarge, I love maps.. glorious maps.


  1. Sweet take! Glad you didn't have to post my office pix!,

  2. I will post them! It will be up tomorrow I promise.

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