Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Shappie's Hobbit/LOTR Collection

(Click to enlarge)
     A frequent visitor and comment contributor to the blog, Shappie, took some time to send a picture of his collection of The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings books he has collected over time. Good mix of books, and nice computer setup to boot. I'll let him explain further:

Top row left to right:
The Hobbit 1966 3rd edition 32nd printing
Unfinished Tales 1980 1st edition 4th printing
The Hobbit leatherback with slipcase (1988?) reprint
The Hobbit leatherback no slipcase 1966 11th printing
The Return of the King 1960 1st edition 6th printing
Bottom row left to right:
The Tolkien Reader Ballantine paperback 1960 3rd printing
The Hobbit Ballantine paperback Revised Edition 1967 10th printing
The Fellowship of the Ring Ballantine paperback 1967 14th printing
The Two Towers Ballantine paperback 1967 11th printing
The Return of the King Ballantine paperback 1967 10th printing
     Keep those collection pictures coming guys, I love to see fellow collectors proud of their finds. Thanks again to Shappie for sharing.


  1. I acquired another since this picture. Just goes to show it always pays off to check the paperbacks.

    It's very good condition first edition first print Tolkien Reader Ballantine paperback. Very excited to get my first Tolkien "1st/1st"!

  2. Oh wow I almost forgot, I also picked up a first edition 11th printing of The Silmarillion. Dust jacket is in pretty rough shape but otherwise looks fantastic. Can't wait to read that one once I get the jacket properly protected.

  3. Link the pictures, or email them to me and ill do a quick edit. Thanks again for letting me post them!