Friday, April 26, 2013

Xanth Oddities, Part 1 of.. a lot.

     There are enough Xanth oddities to do several parts, so if there are some fans out there I'll do another one down the line. What you see above is Jody Lynn Nye's choose your own adventure-like books about Xanth. Yes, they are licensed and considered cannon in the series. I'll take this time to apologize for the "warm" look to the pictures, I installed new lighting in the house and it takes a while to get real bright.

     So you play these books a bit different than a normal book of it's type. In this case, you basically get a pre-filled out character sheet that you can change some of the stats, and those are explained in the first few pages. There are places where you can write and so on to keep track of your hit points. I tried to read one of these as research for this little article, but kept hitting the Kill Pages...

 Harpy Tits! and the Question Hand?

 Happy Stump and the first edition of the Xanth Map.
     Like I was saying, when you hit a kill page, typically they had some photo copied looking art, ironically by the same person who illustrated the Visual Guide... and written by the same lady as well. Surprise!

     This is my second copy I actually ordered from 1-800-hipiers, the phone number listed in all the early authors notes. Piers' author's notes tend to be almost a chapter long by themselves.

     A little bonus; I was taking pictures for this post and realized that the two Crossroads books were signed by Jody Lynn Nye. Pretty neat! My mom bought these off eBay for me years ago, so I'll take the time right now to thank her for these yet again. Thanks mom.

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