Monday, April 8, 2013

I bought a couch... and found some books.

     But first.. I have to run out and buy some furniture. I know, don't tell me, its boring. I have said several times before, I hate buying anything new. By that I mean I dont like to spend money on anything at all. I'm cheap, I save everything, and always try to get the best deal. My cat Artax, named after the horse in Neverending Story, tore up our old couch and the time finally came where I could not listen to the wife complain about it anymore. She deserves a couch after all, and so does this guy:

     He loved it. My son likes a good piece of furniture and pretty much sold it for me. Some haggling and price reductions, toss in the matching chair for a little bit extra and I caved, and my wife signed. Secretly my thoughts drifted to beer and books, two of my favorite things and I hurried home and took some pictures.

     The story goes like this: I bought these books at the Flea Market after working overtime on a Saturday merchandising grocery stores on easter weekend. I never took any pictures because I really didnt see anything that was new or stood out. We drank a beer, got some books and tore ass out of there. Upon further inspection I didnt do too bad!
     The winner of the day was the first edition George R.R. Martin book, A Song for Lya. Games of Thrones being as big as it as, this book goes for about $50 on ebay all day long. Nice score! The rest of the books are nickles and dimes ($5-10) with the Mine to Mind book selling for about $20. I think I bought these at the six-for-five book place, so thats a pretty awesome score for the money spent! I swear I could do this for a living. As with most TV ads, wait, there's more!

      Ladyhawke! A great movie with a great retro music score. I have a copy of this book already, but love the movie so much I could not resist. I opened up the book to find a cut out of an 80's TV guide advertisment with TV listings for the Boston/Metro area. Cheesy pictures? Of course. Worth anything? Of course not, but it's priceless to me.



  1. "Ladyhawke!" One of my favorite movies. Alas, when it comes to the score, we differ. Hated it! For me it nearly ruins the movie. Why they couldn't have used a classical score, I don't know. I mean, I want to turn off the sound and use the subtitles the music is sooo bad. But! I'm thrilled you got a copy of the movie book. And that George R.R. Martin...quite a nice find! To finish up, I still love you, son, even if you taste in movie scores stinks! LOL

  2. Mom, this is coming from a person who liked the score from the movie Legend. Tangerine Dream I listen to when I go to sleep. Tell me you liked the Escape from NY soundtrack!?

  3. Hey, Major, any soundtrack is better than the one from "Ladyhawke." And yes, I think I like the soundtrack from "Escape from New York!" LOL Gotta admit it, though, at least I've never seen the sequel even with a cameo by Bruce Campbell. Does that count for anything?

  4. Yes, Escape from LA is a turd of a movie.