Sunday, July 26, 2015

Inside The Science Fiction Quiz Book [Signet 1977]

     The Science Fiction Quiz Book by Signet.. it's really hard. If the answers were not in the back most of the questions would be beyond my realm of Sci-Fi know how. In 1977, were people that in to the genre that they could answer these things? Maybe. Considering this is one of those mail order specials you can send away for in the back of most Signet books, you most likely were a Sci-Fi geek in the first place.

 Simple, straight to the point.

 Okay, Chapter one. Holy crap, this is way hard. I think I know two answers. The art is pretty cool however.

 Well this is a little easier, but not by much. Again, cool pictures. There is a picture almost every other page, mostly as filler. 

 I liked the picture on the left for some reason.. different. And finally, Movie Quiz! These I can get.

 Only three pages of movie quiz questions. Still, pretty cool, and most likely unlicensed screen grabs.

     The answers in the back of the book consumed about the last third of the books, with more pictures peppered in. All in all, it's a pretty interesting look at one of the many quiz books released around the time. The Star Wars Quiz book has almost the exact same theme, with the exception of a few full color pictures in the middle of the book, and almost the same format of questions in the front, answers in the back. For the few people who mailed in that self addressed stamped envelope, I thank you, and also thank you for not writing in it.

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