Monday, April 18, 2016

Warrior of Scorpio Editions

    Going to Sandman Book Co. the other day got me thinking about their incorrectly priced book, Warrior of Scorpio, by Alan Akers.(Ken Bulmer) I love the cover art by the way, but I was unsure about the edition. Nothing is really written on this, so I thought I would clear it up. 

   The pictures in this blog post I took on my coffee table, with the real first edition of the DAW original. I researched for a bit too long to verify my claims, but having both editions I've determined that they are both first editions, but different printings. The book above is the real earlier First Editions/First Printing, and the other copy is the First Printing/Second edition. Neither are remotely valuable however..  Obviously the cover art is different, but some of the reprints retain the same cover art, covered by a yellow border.

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