Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Incoming Rare Shit! (1960's IF)

     The last picture on the bottom right looks like a gold 'Future Penis". I wish to be known as the only person with a blog to use the phrase "Future Penis" to describe something.

     My mother the author, (Check out her website) happens upon some cool stuff, and sent me these pictures on Facebook, with a short message saying she mailed them out along with some other old books she found I would like.  God love her, and her sense of literature. I'll ad these to my ever growing weird 60's/70's short story magazine collection I have going.
     Side note, I hit up some garage sales last weekend and took some pictures of my finds out in the wild so I'll try and get that stuff tomorrow. I gave away two books already to a friend who also collects: An Alfred Hitchcock serial paperback first edition, and one of those star maps from the 50's. Nothing really of value, but worth mentioning when they are missing from the post.
     Also.. a shout out to Tim Miller for writing in and saying something positive, and for mentioning Sean Connery. The picture below, that can not be described by any means, is for Tim and his twin brother.


  1. :> And I know you're the only person alive to describe something as a "FP." Hey, I'm your mother and I won't write that in a public forum! LOL Oh, and thanks for the link to my website! Oh yes!

  2. And here I thought you put that pic of Sean Connery up for me! :< How sadly disappointing!