Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Special Delivery!

     So.. I'm watching the movie Soldier, the kind of Side-quel to Bladerunner on Bluray while doing this update. Great old movie that is kind of dated, but has great elements that apply to any film. My wife says Kurt Russel is a hot piece of man flesh in this movie. Anyways- I got home the other day and there was a box at the front door.. and lo and behold.. it contained an awesome array of books!

     God bless my mother for sending me such a huge horde of books. She has been hitting some local book stores when she goes in to town and looks for things for me until she could fill a box to mail it. Included is the Sci-Fi mags from the 60's that she had sent me pictures of prior, that I had posted for your pleasure. I see some great vintage Trek stuff mixed in there, always great. A rare and not bad condition Dune first edition paper back! This makes two in my collection.

   The pages have some wear from what looks like some heavy reading back in the day. One of hardest to find paperbacks of all time really, (edit: in great condition) with the exception of The Princess Bride paperback. Everyone should have a mother like mine, and if you don't, this is proof you are an asshole. Here is some pictures of the guts:

     Another oddtity of note is the Isaac Asimov boxed set. I have seen such things on Amazon and Ebay over the years, but have never really got one for some reason. I'm lazy, or cheap, or both. I peeled the sticker off all these books, and they each said ten cents, so I dont feel bad about my mom spending too much money buying them.

   Awesome retro 80's cover art with a bald guy. I love it. One of the books I have already in both print and edition: The Caves of Steel. I think this may have been a box set box at one time that got seperated at birth or does not belong in this set at all. The text is not right compared to the others and the year is different. It's listed on outside, so it seems like a complete set.

Wrapping up, a great haul. Mom, you did good. Dune first edition paper back? Yes.


  1. Hooray! My son says I did good! I try, Major. :> I actually spent a little more than 10 cents on those books, but not much! LOL Glad you could peel off the stickers. We had some nasty orange goo at Barnes and Noble to attack stickers like that. Only problem...you put it on with your fingers and it about melted your skin off! Oh well. Water under the bridge. I'll continue to keep my eyes peeled for goodies! And oh, for the record, all women think Kurt Russell in "Soldier" is one hot hunk of manliness, or words to that effect!

  2. Forgot something. The boxed set of Asimov came from a garage sale right here in Pearce, AZ! Who'd a thought?

  3. Was reminded of something I believe needs telling. I was not responsible for all the books I sent you. :< Brian sent the Michael Moorcock ones. There. I've confessed. Do I feel better. Oh heck no! :>

  4. Great finds, and of course thank Brian for me.