Thursday, March 7, 2013

Mcgregor Garage Sale Saturday

     Last Saturday I agreed to work to trade a day off during the week, on the way back down Mcgregor blvd where I live I spotted a few crappy looking late garage sales. For those who are not familiar with this part of Southwest Florida (I'm assuming you don't live here) Thomas Edison and Henry Ford lived on this street, which means rich people feel they also need to live here as well for at least six months out of the year.

     I walked right in to this persons side storage of their house, and saw tons of ancient romance books. 40's,50's and 60's. I did some quick eBay searching as i walked around and really saw no value unless i could buy them all and sell them as a huge lot. Being a lazy bastard, I cherry picked the bags and boxes and picked out a few that I was willing to spend at least fifty cents on.

     I picked up a few more books but had already given them away to someone who wanted them more than me. You can see what I got here.. no fantasy or sci-fi really. I just felt compelled to grab something to make it worth my time. An early Alice in Wonderland caught my eye, so had to toss that in. Ebay sellers are getting around $15 for similar copy. The other books I can get around $5 a piece for. Not bad on my $2.00 investment! I don't think I'll sell them just yet, but i like to put a value on things.

     This one stood out for me. What the hell is it? I guide to not having sex? Could of used something like this in high school. Let's check it out real quick.

     It's exactly as I said. Some bunch of Catholics in the 40's came up with this to keep young men and women on the right side of god concerning sexual desires. Ironic that I found this book wedged in between some really old nasty smut books. Barbara likes it roughly in the barn, but she conducts herself in a way that agrees with. Right. Obviously the creators of this book never thought i would be making fun of their passages in a public forum. I wonder if in 1940 the word "Boner" was used to describe erections yet? I'll ask my dad.

     In closing, I did pretty good and hit around ten yard sales finding nothing. God's no-sex manual was the biggest score of the day, netting me around $20.00 on eBay. Who would buy it? It doesn't even have pictures.


  1. Love this blog, Major! Funny, entertaining yet oh so educational! LOL

  2. Hey, Maj, just wondering if you got my Facebook message about a large box of books coming your way soon? We sent it Media Mail last Monday so it might arrive by this coming Christmas!