Sunday, October 7, 2012

Ebay Listing! (Redwall)

     I was checking out the books, entering them in to the Collectorz database when I noticed that I have a few of the paper back first editions and one later edition hardcover already. To pay for the gas, meals and $20.00 to take out of the ATM, I decided to sell it tonight to make up the difference. Considering selling the games next, as I could not get a hold of my friend to see if he wanted them.

Anyway, here is the listing:

     I decided on the $45.00 starting price because the only other book like this on eBay is buy it now at $65.00. I had to low ball a bit to get some bites, and put a buy it not at $55.00. I'm sure it will sell as it is the cheapest one listed at the moment. In seven days I'll let you know if it sold (it will) and how much I got.

     Let's see my $1.00 investment work for me.

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