Monday, October 8, 2012

Windows 7 Tablet: The Collector's Dirty Little Secret

     I'll break it down for you real quick: I get access to some pretty neat electronics at work. My HTC phone? Given to me at work. My laptop? Work. My new Dell Latitude Windows 7 Tablet? Work. I use the Laptop for all manner of things, and now I can do the same things on the road, armed with my new tablet. The tablets are online-monitored and I shy away from using any social networking sites or anything online with the exception of our network database, email, and some limited google images viewing.

     Long story short I use them for other things, just not online or work related. Image transfer, storage, graphic design, and so on are harmless and allowed by the company with reason. I plan on using the tablet to open my .Lib file from the database. I can bring this super light weight tablet with me in the book stores and cross check what I need with a basic search in seconds. Much faster than Splashtop, which is what I normally use, and requires my computer to be on at my house. I'm pretty excited about this. I can also check Ebay much faster than with my phone.

     I'm going to wait for the weekend to install it. I've already been gifted admin privledges from the I.T. department at work, so it's just a waiting game now. I'll take pictures when I get it setup to show you how it will work with the camera working as a scanner. (reading about that now)

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