Saturday, October 13, 2012

Ebay Follow Up, Book Collecting Philosophy, Pictures

     Ebay is a fickle mistress. you can do everything right, but still not sell anything, or you can make a million mistakes and get tons of bids. I'm normally pretty lucky with the selling aspect, but so far, no bites. I did get an email about the Redwall first edition I scored last weekend so that will most likely be sold.

     I'm spending the rest of today getting ready for Tampa tomorrow so I'm not sure if I will be able to get over to the paperback exchange as planned. If I go, I'll come home and write about it, take pictures, etc.. Again, I'm suffering from N.B.S.D.., which for those who don't know what that is: "New Blog Stress Disorder". Having created many blogs before this, and seen some great success, I know how hard it is to really get the ball rolling and be seen. Getting comments is the first part of this, which will come, and at this point after ten or so posts, 95% of all blogs just give up. Not me! Oh no!

     The last few days of the week I had to throw myself into my job a little bit and get some real work done, which is how I get paid more or less. I'm not going to bore anyone so I will be breif: I work in the beer industry, which is great, and I'm given a certain freedom of working at home and on the road. My fuel and expenses are paid for by my company so driving to an out of the way place is not too uncommon. All things considered, my job meshes very well with my hobby of book collecting and allows me the liberty of covering more ground in different places so I don't exhause one resource. By distance, my area I cover for work is from here, to here. So basically 216 miles end to end through five major cities. Bound to run into a thrift store along the way! Oh, and some quick pictures below:

A picture of me in the middle of no where Florida, working of course. That particular store had...
...a Ms. Pacman arcade in it. I played for half an hour at least.
My desk at the office in Fort Myers; that's pretty clean for me.
The paperback exchange near my house, the lady who owns it let me organize it by author so I can see when something new comes in.

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