Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tuesday Goodwill Pick Up.. on a Tuesday

     I had the fortune to work today with a close friend of mine that works at the same company, and we went down to Fort Myers beach to execute some displays for the upcoming World Sand Sculpture Competition. We had some time to burn before picking up someone for a lunch back at the office, so I suggested we hit the Goodwill off the beach.. of course.

     We saw absolutely nothing, as I had been here several times before in the past month, I was not optimistic. When I say not optimistic, I mean we were screwing around doing nothing, looking stupid. Right before we left I told him to meet me outside, as I was just going to check the books real fast, and they don't have many being that a Goodwill Bookstore is nearby. I saw the same things I saw there last week. The same smut-romance and Danielle Steele. And then..

     ...a first edition 2010: Odyssey Two by Arthur C. Clarke. Very good condition, early printing. A quick search of eBay tells me it's work between $30 and $50. Score indeed. It was marked as two dollars for some reason which is high even by Goodwill standards. I was happy to pay it. I showed it to my friend waiting for me in the car with my eBay app open on my phone and he just shook his head.
     I have the habit of discounting stores I've been to recently. I think I'm going to re-think that mantra. What if I have been missing books and other people have been picking them up? I'm being paranoid I know, but this proves my theory, as I would have never over looked this little gem. Oh, and that is the pumpkin I carved for my son on Sunday, seemed fitting to stage a photo-op with it being Halloween and all.

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