Saturday, October 20, 2012

Big post coming up.. Sorry! Geez..

Most thrift stores i visited last week looked like the picture above. Fucking clothes.
     I had a very productive week in general work-wise, but really found nothing in the way of books the entire week. Instead of posting fail videos and no pick ups, I decided to take a week off and just throw myself in to my work. Last Sunday as you know, I was in Tampa so really nothing got done then either. Went to a football game and visited some friends and drank way too much beer and ate too much red meat. I vowed the next weekend would be one for the books.
     Tomorrow I'm going to the Flea Masters flea market downtown. It's about 4-5 acres of garage sale-like small shops, some dedicated to one thing. I hope to find some gold in there somewhere for my collection. Stay tuned!

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