Saturday, October 13, 2012

Piers Anthony Collection


     Huge Piers fan for a long time, when calling 1-800-hipiers was a cool way of getting free newsletters and discounted books.

     Piers Anthony was the first author that I took pains to collect every book they had wrote. When I finished that, I went after editions, but realized there were many talented writers in the world.. and yes, I will say it, some even better than the legend himself. I posted these pictures to the Piers Anthony Facebook page when he asked for everyone to post their collections. I looked at hundreds of pictures before I decided to post my own. I saw colections of twenty, thirty and even as few as five books. Some of the pictures were taken with their proud owner arranged on a bed. Not to be outdone, it so happened I owned all his books. In the comment of the picture I wrote, "Here is my collection of all 244 of Piers' books, not counting cover variations and printing differences." Needless to say, the pictures above garnered some attention, and had to post another picture with a hand written note with my name and the date. Some people contacted me and wished to buy the collection for as little as $100.

One comment in particular was my favorite.
Random Person: "How long have you been collecting piers books?"
Me: "I stopped 8 years ago."
Random Person: "Geez. What do you collect now?"
Me: "I dunno.. everything."

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