Monday, October 1, 2012

A few pictures.. of some of the books I own.

     I'm down to four book cases now. What use to fit in six, now has to be condensed in to four, as the other two were very old Walmart bookcases that could no longer take the weight anymore. They basically disintegrated in the last move. All the screws that held them together would no longer hold firm to the particle board stuff they were made out of.

     What you are looking at is about 2,200 books. I know it does not look like it, but each shelf has two or three layers of paperbacks, with books crammed on top of them. Just the top shelf alone on the very left bookcase has 77 books on it now. The books in the book case equate to about 75% of my total collection. I do not keep them organized. I tried a while ago to keep them together, but it's much too hard. I buy too many, take some out to read them or enter them in to the book database. It's the best book database program out there, allows you to use a scanner and so on. I'll post a quick dumb video of me scanning in bar codes later.

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  1. Oh man, so many books. I couldn't bear to store them in a way that I couldn't see all of them at once, but at the rate my bookshelves are filling, I think it may have to happen soon.

    Rose @