Monday, October 22, 2012

Robert Asprin & Thieves' World

     Robert Asprin was introduced to me by way of Elf Quest. I read a Piers Anthony book as a youngster, and in said book, the two worlds crossed- Elfquest and Xanth. I had to have more Elfquest, wolf riding and so on. I went to Theives' World from there, and was introduced to authors like Poul Anderson and Marion Bradley. Sadly, Robert Asprin died in 2008, but the series lives on. Lynn Abbey who also contributed to Elf Quest and Myth Adventures has taken the reins and done well with it.

     Above is a selection of different books written by him that I just took a picture of. The early covers are the best in my opinion with great detail and an old look about them. First editions don't go for very much on eBay but are pretty collectible in the right circles. I have several Thieves' World hard covers, but honestly, I was too lazy to unearth them from under another pile of books I was trying to organize. I tried to get my friend Kyle to help me, but he was too busy drinking beer in my kitchen with a $200.00 first edition coaster under his beer.

Yes, that is a sock Coozy, as my wife was doing laundry and it was closer than the one in the drawer by the fridge. Under it is a Sword of Shannararararara first edition from an earlier post i did. Kyle, you are a man of many talents.

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