Monday, October 8, 2012

Monday, and I made yet another good find! (Goodwill)

     I got off work early to take my son to his therapy and decided to take a quick trip to a few local Goodwill's in the area. I made sure my phone was charged so I could record my shopping trip a little bit. I have about 20 minutes of footage, but its all boring , scanning shelves. I use a HTC Evo 4G LTE, which has an 8 mega pixel camera and HD video, which I forgot to turn on, so.. yeah, sorry about that.

     The above clip is from the last five minutes of my last store of three I visited. In this particular store they are discounting all the books that did not go to the "Goodwill Book Store". Piled up on metal racks with a 50% sign above them. I did no expect much since I come here often, but when things get shuffled around you can surprise yourself now and then.

     EBay price on an L. E. Modesitt signed book go for about $25 to $40. I paid a whole dollar, it being 50% off. I think I could get top dollar for this example, being a first edition, signed in a good place in the center of the page and not seeing many of them listed at the moment. I'm happy to have finally found something and got it on tape, and also happy to have my first trifecta of book finds; having found something great three days in a row. Check out more detailed pictures below:

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