Thursday, October 25, 2012

Kyle's Books are Pretty Nerdy

   A good friend of mine, Kyle, invited me over his house last night to comsume a few beers. Most people know when they invite me over, I typically bring the beer because i get it at a doscount.. or most times for free.

     We talked about growing vegetables and all sorts of boring things when the subject of course gravitated towards books. Kyle is the guy who bought the storage unit books with me, and most of the books he owns are first editions, so he has some good stuff. Just in the page above I see a first edition Dragonlance hard cover (I want that), some Dahl first editons which go for crazy expensive, and the list goes on.

    The next shelf over botgh amazes and delights most Gen-Xers with both a Delorean and a Powerglove. It's so bad. Looking down and you will see...

     About 1/10th of Kyle's NES collection, and some other random bullshit he has found at garage sales and goodwill.

     This shelf is right accross from his bad, or guest bedroom bed, or whatever. Tons of first edition paperbacks, some great Piers Anthony novels and SNES games to round off a good shelf. I could spend all day taking pictures of Kyle's bookcases, as he has many.. many more, but I'm trying to keep this a book blog after all. Speaking of book blogs, I'm going to be doing a big post later on with my travels today. Hit some good stores and some good areas today!

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