Monday, October 15, 2012

Fixing a book, Parenthood Edition

     I was not going to post anything today, but this changed my mind. Right when I stepped foot in the front door, my wife stopped me before I got my shoes off and let me know my son had ripped the back off of one of my Forgotten Realms books. He had been taking out the same book and looking at it for weeks now, just turning the pages and putting it back. She said she had punished him already and he really wanted to look at the book. I'm all about my son's interests in reading, but tearing something up for fun, just plain sucks.

     I'm a huge Forgotten Realms fan, having played Dungeons & Dragons for the better part of my high school life, and for about five years after that if you break it down. I don't have another copy of this particular book, and it was brittle like confederate money. The only way to fix something like this, is with really good, strong, well.. tape. I use tape I can get from work we call "Slap Tape". It's actually tape, but the adhesive is more like a glue and once on, is on forever. About 10 pieces of slap tape later, and the book was good enough for me. Obviously now I will need to find a replacement...

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