Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Two stops.. six books, two Chevy Volts

     I just took a picture of the shelf.. 'cause I'm lazy as hell. Honestly I'm pretty tired. Fixed my dad's computer, sold a bike, worked an eight-hour-day. Time to relax! The books I found today as follows:

1) Robert Holdstock - Gate of Ivory, Gate of Horn
2) Robert Silverburg - The Seed of Earth
3) Douglas Adams - Life, the Universe, and Everything
4) C.S. Lewis - The Last Battle
5) Anne Rice - The Feast of All Saints
6) Cecilia Thornton - The Well of Tears

     The rest of the books on the shelf I already own. I have a shelf just dedicated to unsorted and unloved books. Eventually I will put them in the Collectorz.com file with the others. Maybe I'll even remove the stickers from them? God I'm lazy. I found all the above books at a Kiwanis Thrift Store going towards Ft. Myers Beach. The building is huge real close to the water. There were two Chevy Volt's at charging stations outside. Although we have several charging stations around town, I did not expect to see one at a thrift store. Only about four shelves of books, so nothing special. I'll be going to Cape Coral this weekend so I expect to find some goodies over there, and I have been lucky there in the past.

     No bids on the Redwall book I found over the weekend. Going to to put some other stuff up later to try and get some tailgating money together for the Buccaneer's game on Sunday! Since I'll be going to Tampa for the weekend I'll try and hit some Goodwill's in that area.

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