Saturday, October 13, 2012

Blog Repost from Sept 6th, 1999

     I had a blog before the term was popular, had regular emails and requests for more posts.. kind of strange being a 15 year old kid and having people listen to what you're talking about, even if it is nonsense. Demon's Pentagram (blog) was open from 1994 to 2001 when AOL had shut down their "" service. Basically everyone had a whopping five megabytes of web storage on their AOL account they could use for the purpose of building a website. Early on I saw it was five megabytes per screen name, not account, made tons of alternate screen names before the limit was five per account, and made websites and fansites. As I stated before, I may have owned 100 books at this point in my life, and I guess I found the exact instance of when I decided to be a collector. Had to post it. Below is the post from 1999 when I talked about collecting books:

"Not alot has happened today. I went to work, and they worked my ass off. I haven't worked that hard in a very long time. I hate people. Anyways, I was watching the new Real World on MTV, and I find it quite interesting. Lots of people who are after sex are trapped in a house, and they do it and get naked occasionally. I like it. I can really see why those voyer sites on the Internet get so much attention. The people on the real world got to eat dinner exclusively with Anne Rice, the author of the Vampire Chronicles. They got to go in her private study where she writes her books, and stuff like that. I even saw a Lestat and Louis doll in the corner of her study. That's like my dream come true.. id love to go there and eat dinner with her.. I have so many questions to ask...
"Soon the city will run out of rats Louie." -Lestat
A lot of people in this drear world love to read, I'm one of these strange people. I think reading makes you smarter, and everyone should read at least once a day. Not to be vulgar or anything, but I at least read once a day when I take a shit. That's the best time to read, it passes the times of your echoed moans in the bathroom. I like to read anything fantasy or science fiction... My favorite authors are Piers Anthony, Anne Rice, Mercedes Lackey, Robert Jordan is a good author; The author of the Dragon Riders of Pern series is good, I forget her name. Robert E. Howard (the Conan series) is also very good. Some day I would like to own the majority of all old fantasy books. If I was to collect anything, it would be books. Any fucking how. I know a lot of people who didn't read, and ever since they left high school they haven't even read the back of a baseball card. I pity these people. "

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