Sunday, October 7, 2012

Thrift Store Pick Ups, Sunday Edition

     My wife wanted to take a trip to Lowe's, and I told her the only way I was going to go there was if I could hit a thrift store. I knew the Family Thrift Center on the main road was 50% off today, so we popped in there real quick. It opened at noon, so we listed to music in the car while we waited.

     I made it to the books and my wife went to clothes to find some dress/work pants for me. I saw The Forgotten Realms books on the first shelf I came to and did not recognize the titles, which is pretty common with the newer Forgotten Realms titles. Most of the books are written under a fictional name, so you never know if that author is good or not. I had to have those. Not worth anything, but I will read them. The Modesti novel I had no idea why I grabbed it. Once it was in the cart, there was no coming back out. I did pass on two Ebberon books because they just looked cheesy to me. About twenty minutes later, I found the Tolkien book and the Redwall book.

     Huge fan of Brian Jacques growing up, loved the whole series. I think the first one I read was Martin the Warrior. Before my mother became a successful author, she was management at a Barnes and Noble and would bring me home any book i wanted.. stripped of course. I didn't really care, I just wanted to fill my head full of fantasy. The Tolkien book is built like the bible, its large and thick with thin pages. It does not look like it, but I would guess it is 750 pages at least. I have unfinished tales books that are much older, but i wanted to check this one out. The Redwall book I knew was something special right away. I have never sold one before as I have mostly paperbacks, but I pay attention to what they go for. A few months ago I saw an American first edition hard cover without the dust jacket go for $50. I bought all five books above for the low price (with 50% off) or $5.00. I quick check of Ebay shows me that there is one other one for sale right now that is a later printing for the low ball price of $65.00.  Not bad for $1.00. Better picture below:

     Overall it has been a good weekend. I have spent under my $10.00 that I set aside for myself, and came out $200+ ahead. I have had few weekends that have been better than this one! I'll share some stories later on about some great finds I've made if I have time to write them.

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